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More Than An Olympian with Lauryn Williams

February 6, 2018

Lauryn Williams is one of five athletes to have won a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games, as well as the first American woman with this achievement. Lauryn holds one Gold and Two Silver Medals from the 2004,2012, and 2014 Olympics Games.  One of the reasons I wanted to have Lauryn on the show was to launch into Black History Month with a Millenial who's made a positive impact on African-American culture.

Outside of sports Lauryn has mastered the game of finance by obtaining her CFP.  She now teaches other Millenials and Professional Athletes about personals finance and building wealth for the future. 

Not only are her achievements great in their own right she's in a unique position to have solidified a place in Olympic history for all time.   As a people, we're proud of Lauryn and of course, she's represented our Nation and brought back Gold and Silver.  Share this episode with your daughters and sons so they can see what's possible with hard work and that Black History Month isn't just a once a year tradition that happens in February.   Look to these 2108 Olympic Games and whatever your culture, celebrate the athletes you identify with but then let us all (at least my US friends) celebrate as Americans.


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