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Penny Pinching Mom Tracie Fobes EP89

Penny Pinching Mom Tracie Fobes EP89

August 6, 2017

Money is what drives business, so why do so many of us ignore finances until we “have to” deal with them. Well, my next guest Tracie Fobes AKA the “Penny Pinchin Mom” has some really valuable lessons we can learn about dealing with money in business and in life.

Give Every Penny A Job

Simple Right, Actually the way Tracie breaks it down it really is simple. Like for example “Give every penny a job, and tell it what it’s going to do that month. What an amazingly simple concept but it’s powerful. Of course, that’s just the beginning of her story.

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These Are the Breaks

These Are the Breaks

August 4, 2017

You have been wondering, dude where's your podcast? Well it's not a long story but I needed to take a step back and look at the show. I asked the hard questions like, is this podcast delivering at the level I feel you deserve? I also wanted to make sure the direction of the show was solid.

Stop, Don’t Run Facebook Ads with Marya Jan EP88

Stop, Don’t Run Facebook Ads with Marya Jan EP88

May 13, 2017

How much are you losing on Facebook ads?  Have you ever thought Facebook ads work for some but you have to take a course or spend thousands of dollars to get any scalable result?  My guest Marya Jan is going to tell you something I’m sure you’ve never heard before.

She doesn’t want you to start running Facebook Ads!

That’s right Mara thinks Before you invest a single dollar in a Facebook ad, you need to have a strategy in place from the start in order to get results.  Just like with anything you’re attempting to accomplish you have to have a roadmap to get there.  We covered a ton of information in this conversation and one of the many things I learned about some of the mistakes I’ve made is to send traffic to a cold page.

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Clarity Through Coaching with Petra Foster EP87

Clarity Through Coaching with Petra Foster EP87

April 21, 2017

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions on the planet right now. In coaching, you can really embrace your genius and show up in a big way for your clients. However, something really bothered me about coaching I wanted Petra, my next guest, to sort out for me.

Why are so many coaches broke? Don't worry we get to that.

Petra Foster is known as client enrollment strategist. She helps coaches understand how to build an effective business that can not only bill multiple thousand dollars per month but to also provide a massive amount of value to their clients.

The Problem Starts With Your Fee Structure

Initially, coaches go into the business to help people, whether it’s in the area of health, business, lifestyle, etc.   The problem is they don't build a fee structure that's scaleable based on the amount of value they're delivering, so it's no surprise they aren't able to earn enough to stay in business.

Limiting beliefs around money and feeling guilty when they do charge higher dollar amounts.  Because they are helping people, they believe they can’t charge them.  Due to this, they will charge per hour and tend to stick to this not realizing that there are people out there who are willing and able to invest in themselves in a higher dollar amount. Because they do not have a system to change this, they remain broke.

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Split-Testing Made Easy with Chris Dayley EP85

Split-Testing Made Easy with Chris Dayley EP85

March 25, 2017

Did you know that 61% of Adwords and Facebook Ads Fail to produce a single conversion? According to Chris Dayley VP of Testing and Optimization at Disruptive Advertising.

One of the most challenging problems business owners, bloggers and podcasters for that matter have is getting conversions from email, lead capture pages and of course ads. Even if you don't directly sell a product or service a successful outcome from an effort made is key.

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Fall Back Friday Ep84

Fall Back Friday Ep84

March 4, 2017

So What Have I Learned Since 2013

In life my friends you may have to look back in order to move forward.  If history teaches us anything, it teaches us not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Well at least that what you have the opportunity to learn from those mistakes or triumphs.

Not everything in your past has to be bad, for example, a post I wrote back in 2013 right before I started the podcast. It was about of all things Kung-Fu and the lessons you learn from your clients when you're a coach.

Are you curious about what I learned?

You can find out by heading over to

Sales Babble with Pat Helmers Ep83

Sales Babble with Pat Helmers Ep83

February 20, 2017

What do you think of when you hear the word sales? Do you get nervous?

Does it make you think, "Oh God, I hate selling and salespeople"? I think at some point even if you're in sales you've had that thought, and it's usually around the time of a major purchase. We've all been there, right?

Selling is something we all do even if you don't like it. We sell ourselves on a daily basis in person, online and over the phone, so since you can't escape it you may as well become good at it. Mastering selling is something my next guest Pat Helmers is a master at. Not only is he a master at selling but of communications. Pat explains why gaining a deep understanding of the value you bring your clients is the first key to sales success.

Pat also enlightens us with a system he developed that can be utilized to help anyone become proficient at the art of selling, it's called HEAT.

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5 Min Friday About That Snap Inc IPO

5 Min Friday About That Snap Inc IPO

February 4, 2017

Twitter Is Not The Measurement

I've seen tons of articles talking about the Snapchat IPO and through Snap.INC as they're now known is experiencing slower growth it doesn't mean they are headed toward the failed state of Twitter.

Instagram is However Eating Their Lunch

Ever had someone take your lunch?  Well, that happened to Snapchat about six months ago with Instagram decided to get into the instant videos that disappear in 24hr business.

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5 Minute Friday Ep81

5 Minute Friday Ep81

January 27, 2017

Let's Get It Started

Each Friday I'll be posting something interesting for you to learn and one thing you can use to make your upcoming week better.  I'll also keep you up to date on the projects I'm working on and how you can get involved.

Talking Money and Sponsorship

This week I was interviewed on the Podbean podcast  - Podcasting Smarter with their wonderful host Jennifer Crawford from the Jellyvision Show.  I know it's a funny name but you should definitely check it out.  We talked podcasting in general but really got into the details of podcast sponsorship.  I went deep with info I normally wouldn't reveal outside of a paid course, so this one is a must listen so check it out here => Podcasting Smarter

I'm A Reality Show

Get the rest of the show notes over on website! Continue Reading with Ian Ownbey Ep80 with Ian Ownbey Ep80

January 19, 2017

I love startups! I think the culture from a work perspective is what everyone dreams of, and the have the flexibility to innovate as the market changes. is the perfect example of market disruption in the ever changing world of podcasting. In this episode, I get to speak with one of the co-founders of this unique company.

Meet Ian Ownsby co-founder of, a podcasting platform that’s disrupting the industry by allowing anyone to record a podcast from their mobile device for with unlimited audio.

Meet Ian Ownsby co-founder of, a podcasting platform that’s disrupting the industry by allowing anyone to record a podcast from their mobile device for with unlimited audio.

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